(Below you will find a short biography in which I give a brief outline regarding certain important stages of my life. But it is not about self-adulation. I do not want which for a chorus of praise nor any pity. It is rather about showing that the own contentment does not only depend on external circumstances but substantially on everyone’s own attitude and decisions…)


My name is Marc Rodenberg. I am an artist. Goal-oriented, but always eager to try out and learn new things. I am a Perfectionist. For me, art is never an end in itself, but a special form of communication. Both origin and goal of my creativity is mostly the mental reflection. I want to leave an impression and I strive to touch and inspire people to think.

Born in 1981 in the northern German province I was lucky to have a carefree childhood. However, I found school only moderatly interesting. Everything to do with art on the other hand was much more appealing to me. At the age of six I started to make music and by nine years old I discovered my passion for creative writing. It was around the same time that I was gifted my first camera.

During the first years of school I was rather inconspicuous. But the older I got I realized that I was different somehow. While my friends had their first experiences in the disco, I sat in my parents basement for hours and played the guitar. Sounds sad, but it really was not.

After graduation a lot changed. I did my community service in the ICU of the city hospital. I saw life and I saw death. Both were formative in their own right. One of the insights I took away during that time: ‘Life is too short to be shy.’ I learned to be more open and courageous. I felt like I had been freed. Life could come!

With this new attitude, I moved to Hanover. The actual plan was to prepare for the entrance exam of the HMTMH, the college of music. But when it became clear that I – due to problems with my left wrist – would not be able to study music, I decided to go to Paris for some time. Just because. Each morning I bought a croissant de beurre and ate melon by the Eiffel Tower. I let myself drift between extravagant buskers and paintings by Monet and Picasso.

Inwardly rearranged I returned to Hannover and started my studies at the Leibniz University. There I allowed myself a new luxury: I studied only what interested me. So I enrolled in philosophy and literature. In the following years I concentrate on studying ethics and (post-)modern literature. Kafka, Kant and Dürrenmatt readings mixed in with brain research and psychology.

But in the middle of my study it struck me. The Diagnosis: Depression. Out of nowhere. I woke up one morning and everything was different. I felt nothing. Everything was empty. Then the usual: therapy and pills. It has helped. Self-knowledge is a fine thing.

After I graduated, I decided against a promotion. I had enough of the academic world and wanted to go out into life. Said and done. Financially I stayed afloat with my job as a freelance music teacher. Independently, there has been one rule for me ever since: I only do what I like to do and what I have a positive feeling about. This concept has proven its worth for me. Life is Beautiful. At least if you make the right choices.

There are however two events of recent years I would like to mention, because they were very influential for me, my believes and my art. The first of these two incidents was my father’s sudden death. He was sixty. Fibrillation. The End. The second was a traffic accident. I flew through the air while I saw the sun passing by in slow motion. I got lucky. My head remained intact. I got away with little more than a fright. I have survived both events and they only made me stonger. Life is precious.

Today I am full of energy. I made it my business to think beyond perceived boundaries and questioning established opinions. I want to inspire and touch people. Those who think they can not change anything, have already lost. Sounds esoteric, but it really is not. I have learned what is important and what is not. Against this background, I live my life, both professionally and personally. I appreciate sincerity, humor and reliability. I am grateful for my friends, my family and every day I get to live. I enjoy the freedom of just being. Let’s see what the future brings.



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