Education In The Hamsterwheel

Essay on motivation, intention and background of a series of photographs

Intention and Conclusion

With my project I want to contribute to keep the debate on the current and future conditions and possibilities of education going. Let us think about the ideals which we set our young people as an example. Let us reflect on the values we propagate and to what extent and prioritisation we educate our adolescents in confidence, reflection and independence .

Grown Up (12/12) - Prospects - Stare Into The Future

Grown Up (12/12) – Prospects – Stare Into The Future

We should not lose sight of the fact that character-building is at least as important as the learning of skills and the accumulation of knowledge. As in all aspects of life the most important thing here is not to lose sight of the healthy medium. And that is discussable. Of course the solution cannot be to handle our adolescents with gloves and/or to withhold the upcoming social difficulties caused by the demographic change.

We have to manage to still their fears. Because fear paralyses no matter how justified it may be. We should rather try to convey a positive and optimistic opinion about themselves and the world not in a blindly naive sense, but based on a realistic assessment of actual conditions, coupled with the awareness and the conviction that they can make a difference. Because only those who consider themselves as capable and valuable will have the will and the strength to independently shape their lives and enrich society in a positive way. Therefore let us discuss changes in the education system in an open and unbiased way. Our adolescents should be worth doing so.