Education In The Hamsterwheel

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Study the fast track

During the politically initiated Bologna process, which aims at a Europe-wide standardization of courses and degrees, crucial changes have taken place in the teaching in German universities. Especially the implementation of structures and ways of learning that are similar to those in school and the simultaneous overload of learning content has led to a point at which more and more students are overwhelmed. By adhering to the standards of the study programs there is no time left, neither to devote oneself to individual subjects nor to gain practical experience or to go abroad in a reasonable time frame. A personal development falls mostly to the wayside. The development of individual skills and knowledge is impeded.

Grown Up (8/12) - Keep Dancing - It's Worth A Try!

Grown Up (8/12) – Keep Dancing – It’s Worth A Try!

The pursued goal of a university education to be as efficient as possible is found lacking however. More and more feedback from employers shows that today’s academics simply lack essential skills such as self-organization and independent creative thinking, which are crucial for many positions.

However the real victims are not the employers but the students and teachers. Especially for those who have limited financial resources and therefore have to rely on part-time jobs and/or student loans, studying degenerates into permanent stress rapidly. The pressure to perform always creeps along school and university hallways, sometimes more, sometimes less obvious. Only the best get the opportunity to choose their desired Master program. The so-called bulimia-learning (to adher as much content as possible in a short time only to then vomit it out at the exam) has become standard for many students. Instead of learning for themselves and their future, students learn only for the next test and to collect credit points.